Writing school reports

Comments for school report cards can often be repetitive and if you are a teacher you find yourself cutting and pasting report comments again and again.

Use the links to the subject report comments on this site to find a good range of report card comments that will make writing your school reports much faster.

There are also some links in the sidebar to some great school report comment writing sites that you might like to visit.

Before you begin you should consider what makes a good school report :

  • A positive introduction with some praise for what the pupil has achieved (tehy must have achieved SOMETHING you can write on their report card !).
  • Focus on the subject and don’t get personal.
  • Don’t use teacher speak on the report card.
  • Make sure that you have evidence for any statements you make.
  • Don’t forget to change a he to a she (and vice versa) if you copy and paste comments.
  • Finish the report card with some positive targets that the student can use to improve their learning.
Most of all – when you write your school report card comments make sure you have a clear picture in your head about the student.