History comments

Here are some comments for report cards for helping to write History pupil report cards

report comments

He understands how events in the past have affected the present.

He understands the difference between facts and opinions.

He recognises that information sources may be biased.

He knows that over time some things change and some remain the same.

He organises and communicates historical knowledge and understanding skilfully.

He has a sound knowledge and understanding of the topics studied.

He is developing a wide range of historical skills.

He is able to extract information from and comment on a range of sources.

He has enjoyed using drama as part of our study of past events.

He is developing an understanding of the chronology of historical events.

He is able to sequence events when telling a story about the past.

He uses and understands the meaning of words and phrases relating to the passage of time.

He is able to make simple deductions from a range of historical sources.

He is beginning to give a few reasons for, and results of, the main events and changes of the period.

He is beginning to understand that some stories are about real people and that some are fictional.

He is beginning to understand that myths and legends are not about real people.

He needs encouragement to ask questions about life in the past.

He would benefit from more time spent on individual research when investigating a historical project.

He needs to use information from a wider range of sources.

He must try to put information found in books into his own words to demonstrate a clear understanding.

He needs some encouragement to express his own viewpoint.

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