Maths comments

Here are some comments for report cards for writing Maths report cards for pupils.

report comments

He is able to discuss his mathematical work and is beginning to explain his thinking.

can read and write whole numbers to at least 10000 in figures and words, and he knows what each digit represents.

He can use all four operations to solve word problems involving numbers, money and measures.

can use mental recall of addition and subtraction facts to 20 in solving problems and has worked hard to learn his multiplication tables.

He is beginning to use a range of computation methods with the four operations.

He has a good level of knowledge and understanding of all areas of maths.

He has progressed well in mental maths.

He can confidently apply his knowledge to all types of problem solving.

He has made consistent progress this year.

Both his written and mental maths skills are developing well.

He is now beginning to apply his knowledge to solve different types of problems.

Although he finds many areas of maths difficult he has tried hard to understand the new concepts that he has been presented with.

His concentration and listening skills during maths lessons are improving.

He has worked consistently hard this year and has reached a very good standard.

He has progressed well in mental maths and can apply his knowledge to problem solving with confidence.

He has worked well this year and has made good progress in both written and mental maths.

He now has the confidence to apply his knowledge to solving problems independently.

He has tried hard this year but still finds written and mental maths difficult.

His confidence is improving and when he works step by step through problems he does find success.

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